Akshit Garg, the Man Behind the Lens

New Delhi, January 13: They say that marriages are made in heaven but the celebration of this commitment of a lifetime takes place on this earth and while we are at it why not make this celebration a memory worth remembering for a lifetime by adding all the pomp and show!

Indian weddings are the powerhouse of traditions and grandeur, from the scrumptious spread of rich Indian food to the splendour mix of colours, glitter, and opulent floral décor. Indian weddings are quite packed with flavour and uniqueness. Every bride has dreamed of her wedding; from the kind of flowers for the décor to the red Sabyasachi lehenga, she has planned it all. But what is the point of all this planning if you can’t document your favourite moment and treasure it for years to relive your big day?

Introducing Akshit Garg, also known as akshitphotography, the man behind the lens, well-known for his work in the country.

He has become an established photographer in the wedding industry, and believe us when we say the man has seen the revolving world of the wedding industry. From cheesy to cool, he has seen it all. 

 He has been an experienced wedding photographer for 7+ years, yes, you read that right! He has filmed more than 400 weddings. Recalling his earliest memory with a camera, “My parents and I used to travel a lot, every year, we’d take a family trip for 20-25 days. Being in nature calmed me a lot, it healed my inner self that’s when my father gifted me a Nikon D-40, and I fell in love with the concept of photography. Pursuing photography was a difficult move for me, and a lot of anxiety came with it, but taking one step at a time works a lot”. 

Asked him about how it all began, and Akshit was quick to respond, “I was 17 when I had my first exhibition, I was the youngest photographer there, and my work comprised multiple genres of photography. It also consisted of my 2 landscape time-lapse videos; one of them was of The Great Himalayas, and the other one was when I went on a trip to Leh-Ladakh. This is where I got recognition from the media and other artists. The exhibition paved the way for my career as a photographer.”

Akshit’s photos and videos grab attention for their grandeur and story. The man has created more than 220 wedding films for real-life couples, including his association with the Ambanis! When asked about it, Akshit said, “I was 18 when I got a call from DNA Mumbai asking me to shoot Isha Ambani’s sangeet ceremony in Udaipur, and that wedding was the golden kick my career needed as a wedding photographer.” 

Young mind powered by the zeal for work. When we asked Akshit about the advice he would like to give to young enthusiasts, he said- 

“Start working on your portfolio at an early age; your work speaks for you, your first project won’t give you higher pay, but it will add to your experience. Along with your portfolio, start investing in your kit, and by working as a freelancer, you can gain commercial and professional knowledge along with learning about various aspects of client handling”. 

When asked about his rise to fame and how he feels about it, Akshit recalls, “Following your passion isn’t easy. 96% of the time, you’re bound to fail and fall, but what matters the most is how you get back up and take that one step you were most afraid to take.”

Akshit captures love and bonding instead of just a keepsake memory and focuses on the love shared between two individuals and then weaves their story into something magical. 

For now, Akshit lives out of a suitcase and is always on the move to capture new stories and take up new challenges.

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