Attack on sugar unfair? Fitness experts reveal why sugar is absolutely safe for human health | Health

The age-old saying ‘excess of everything is bad’ holds true for sugar consumption as well and sugar can be beneficial or harmful depending on the source and dosage. In recent years, sugar has been unfairly vilified, often portrayed as uniquely harmful and addictive but while a superficial reading of scientific papers might suggest that sugar is bad, a more detailed examination reveals otherwise.

Attack on sugar unfair? Fitness experts reveal why sugar is absolutely safe for human health (Photo by Thrillist)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Neelima Bisht, Chief Clinical Nutrition – Dietetics department at Paras Health at Gurugram, shared, “When consumed in moderation, sugars from natural sources like fruits, vegetables and dairy can provide essential energy and nutrients needed for our bodies’ functions. However, the key lies in mindful consumption and balance.”

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She advised, “One should make a conscious effort to reduce the consumption of refined sugars that are abundantly present in processed foods and beverages as these are linked to increased risk of obesity, heart diseases, and other conditions. Instead, opt for whole foods rich in naturally occurring sugars. This ensures a steady release of energy, accompanied by vital vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Incorporating sugars into a well-balanced diet, alongside exercise and hydration, contributes to overall wellness. Remember, moderation is the golden rule here.”

According to Aman Duggal, Scientific Author and Fitness Coach, “Chemically, table sugar and “healthy carbohydrates” like starch are similar. Both consist of sugar molecules, with starch having more sugars linked together. Moreover, it is scientifically established that 100g of starch has more calories than 100g of glucose. Also, “sugar addiction” is a misleading term – People don’t binge on table sugar in the middle of the night but they binge on chocolates, pastries etc and these foods give more calories from fat and have plenty of hyper processed ingredients to blame.”

He concluded, “Scientific studies comparing high sugar and high starch diets show no difference in health benefits. People lose the same weight and improve health markers with either, as long as they maintain a caloric deficit. Data reveals sugar is unfairly demonised, with no health impact differences from other carbs.”

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