DanMachi: Memoria Freese will be shut down outside Japan on February 28

Wright Flyer Studios announced that they will shut down all international releases of DanMachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth): Memoria Freese on February 28, 2024. The regions affected include the US, Europe, Taiwan, and South Korea. The English version launched in late March 2018, so it will have one month shy of six years in total lifespan. Only the Japanese version will remain active after the date.

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In usual cases, shutdowns of free-to-play games outside Japan simply mean they would cease to exist entirely. International versions do not even get to get permanent offline archives that recent outgoing Japanese F2P games had been getting. However, the global version closure of Memoria Freese will come with an uncommon perk: The developers will offer refunds to players who still have Paid Iris if they have made a purchase before this announcement and it’s still unused by the time the game has shut down.

In Japan, all outgoing F2P games are mandated by law to offer refunds to paying players domestically upon closure. While this law is not enforced as much on customers outside Japan, this case of Memoria Freese’s global closure will be worth noting, especially to players who fit the bill provided the developers do not go back on their words.

You can also read the official message from the developers right below, just in case the above link expires after the game’s shutdown. The free-to-play mobile game DanMachi: Memoria Freese is still available with active updates in Japan for the foreseeable future as of this writing.

Thank you for playing DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE.

Service for DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE (International Versions) will come to an end on 02/28/2024 at 22:00 (PST).

We apologize to all DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE fans for this sudden announcement and would like to thank you for the the love and support you have shown us over the years.
Please see below for details regarding the end of service.

■End of Service Schedule
12/27 18:00 (PST): Purchase of in-app currency Paid Iris will be halted
New subscriptions and renewals for Premium Subscription Services will be halted ※1
End date for some contents will be adjusted
Final App Update
02/28 22:00 (PST): End of Service
Usage of in-app currency Paid Iris halted
Distribution of app from stores halted
Refunds for in-app currency Paid Iris will begin ※2

・If you were subscribed to Syr’s Daily Lunch Box Set or Hostess of Fertility Full Course before 12/27 (PST), you will be able to claim rewards until 1 month has passed since your subscription or renewal date.
・Please check the subscription period from the Premium Subscription Services notice.
・Renewals will not continue after 12/27 (PST) even if you do not unsubscribe.
・Regarding Prism Bond Shards, we will be offering compensation to users who are subscribed to Premium Subscription Services as of 12/27 (PST). (※This does not include users in their free trial period.)
・Due to the closing of Premium Subscription Services, there will not be enough Memoria Aether to fully upgrade the the December, January and February Memoria. To alleviate this we will be sending enough Memoria Aether to cover the deficit to all users’ Present Lists.

To comply with the end of service, we will be offering a refund for users who have an unused Paid Iris balance if they send a request.
Please see below for the details regarding the refund.
・Paid Iris that has been used and items that have been purchased are not eligible for refund.
・Because a request from within DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE is required for refund, we please ask that you do not uninstall the app. (We may not be able to complete your refund request if you uninstall the app.)
・You will need to update the app to Ver. 15.3.0 to make a request.
・More detailed refund information and instructions will be given after the service ends. Please check the details within the app after 02/28/2024 22:00 (PST).

Though our time together will soon come to an end, we hope you will continue to enjoy your adventures in DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE up until the very last day.

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