Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2023 rewards players with a bearded Santa suit

The latest seasonal event in Final Fantasy XIV has begun, and players can participate for glamourous prizes. The 2023 Starlight Celebration is the newest installment of the game’s yearly holiday- and Christmas-themed limited-time event, and will reward players with a new full outfit. The event will run through December 2023, and end on December 31, 2023.

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This year’s event reward is the Unorthodox Saint’s Set, a set of cosmetic glamour armor that closely replicates the popular image of Santa Claus. In Eorzea, though, the character referred to is the Saint of Nymeia. The Starlight Celebration is associated with a company of knights from the Eorzean nation of Ishgard who sheltered orphans in need, hiding them in the red jackets of their uniforms. The captain of the company was known for his large white beard, and became known as the Saint of Nymeia.

Players can earn the Unorthodox Saint’s Set by participating in the FFXIV 2023 Starlight Celebration event quest, “Blue Starlight” which is located in Gridania. There, the Warrior of Light will locate the mysterious “Bearded Lady” and assist her in bringing Starlight cheer to the people.

Following the quest, they can also take on an optional quest to see fun cutscenes involving notable figures from the game. Besides the Unorthodox Saint’s Set, players can also purchase, for a small amount of gil, an Illuminated Topiary Chocobo decoration for their house.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. The Starlight Celebration event for 2023 will continue until December 31, 2023.



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