Google Will Allow Dark Web Monitoring Tool For All Users To Track Stolen Personal Info; Here’s How

Did you know that Aadhaar data of over 81.5 crore Indians was leaked on the dark web last year? The threat actor was selling the personal information data for $80k. Just a few days ago, another threat actor claimed to have breached Airtel’s user database of its 375 million customers. The hacker pegged the data for sale at Rs 41 lakh! In 2022, the EPFO data of around 28 crore beneficiaries was leaked online. These are but a few cases of a million other hacks and security breaches over the course of a decade or two, that have spilled your personal info online.

While there are a bunch of services that provide monitoring of your personal data floating on the darker alleys of the internet, search engine giant Google’s dark web crawler that tracks these data will now be made available to all users. Earlier available exclusively to the Google One subscribers, the Dark Web Report allows users to scan the dark web to check for data associated with their email addresses, including name, addresses, phone numbers, user names, passwords, and other digital identification numbers like social security number (SSN) or even Aadhaar! Including India and padosi Pakistan, the service is available in 46 countries.

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