Herb-filled Rice Salad with Toasted Coconut & Peanuts

This rice salad is for all the herb lovers out there. It’s for those occasions when basil, and mint, and cilantro are booming in your garden, or at the market. And it’s a great way to use leftover rice (or other favorite grain). I’m not shy with the amount of herbs I use in relation to the quantity of rice here. I also load up with a generous amount of toasted coconut and never skimp on the peanuts. A bold boost of lime pulls everything together and keeps it all bright.

Rice Salad: Make it Easy

Aside from the chopping of the herbs, you can prep the components of this salad a couple of days ahead of time. Specifically, the rice, coconut, and peanuts. I like to wait until the day of to chop all the fresh herbs.

Rice Salad Variations

My preference is to make this recipe with brown jasmine rice, but use whatever rice you tend to keep on hand. Short grain brown rice is also great. You can also make a twist on rice salad by using any number of other grains – or a blend!  Try farro, or quinoa, or even wheat berries if you come across them. Another favorite variation is adding roasted cherry tomatoes when they’re in season. It really takes everything over the top in a great way. And if I have arugula on hand, you better believe a few handfuls of that is going in here as well.
ceramic bowl filled with rice salad recipe topped with lots of herbs and topped with peanuts

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