Honkai Star Rail Dr. Ratio trailer shows off the “Mundanite” scholar with a statue avatar

The doctor will be in soon, and HoYoVerse let players know who they’ll be getting. A new trailer focused on the upcoming character Dr. Ratio illuminates his personality and character.

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Check it out below:

Dr. Ratio will be added to the playable roster in the latter portions of the current update 1.6 cycle. HoYoVerse announced that every player will receive a copy of the character around the time Dr. Ratio appears on the in-game Warp banner. Dr. Ratio will be a 5-Star Hunt character with the Imaginary Element, the first character of that particular combination.

With the full name of Veritas Ratio, Dr. Ratio is a member of the Intelligentsia Guild, a counterpart to Honkai Star Rail‘s Genius Society (which Ruan Mei and Herta are members of). But where the Genius Society accepts only a few dozen of the universe’s most elite scholars, the Intelligentsia Guild accepts all comers, operating on the philosophy of collecting knowledge like a commodity to be circulated and used like a medium of exchange. Ratio calls himself a “Mundanite.” He considers ignorance a sickness, and seeks to distribute knowledge across the universe to better cure it.

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Dr. Ratio is voiced in English by actor Jordan Paul Haro, who also voiced SMITE‘s Hou Yi. In Japanese, he’s voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi, who played Jamie in Street Fighter 6, Askin Nakk Le Vaar in Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War, and Jules in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Honkai Star RailĀ  is available on PS5, PC, and mobile devices.

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