How to Perfectly Prepare Scrambled Eggs with Cream Cheese

Lynn Russell taught me to make her favorite scrambled eggs when she came to stay with us in San Francisco. They’re beautifully luxe, herb-flecked scrambled eggs with cream cheese. Perfect for weekend brunch. Lynn is a fantastic cook, but I didn’t connect with her though cooking. It was through her letterpress work. I loved her clean, understated designs, and found her writing about her work and son inspiring.

Scrambled Eggs with Cream Cheese: The Inspiration

We did a bunch of stuff while she was in SF. Her visit happened to coincide with the Alameda Flea market. We crossed the bridge not long after sunrise to beat the crowds. Conversation on the drive over covered a range of things, and one of the things we covered was cooking — specifically eggs.  For example, poached eggs are good, but jiggly whites are just gross. Lynn mentioned she does a scramble where she adds dollops of a special, super-herby cream cheese to finish the eggs. This was an idea that hadn’t occurred to me. They sounded incredible. The sort of thing I think of as simple-special – a simple technique with a special twist. Lynn was a good sport, and let me photograph her while she showed me how to make them.

Smashing herbs into cream cheese with a fork

The Special Ingredient: Cream Cheese with Herbs

The thing that makes these scrambled eggs special is cream cheese made with lots of herbs, scallions, chives and the like. You mash them into a brick of cream cheese and then use this component for a wonderful flavor packed finish to your eggs.  You’ll likely have quite a bit left over, and that is fantastic. Here’s a list of ways to use it.

Pouring eggs into a buttered skillet to make scrambled eggs

Variations on Scrambled Eggs with Cream Cheese

There are some great ways to take this general idea and add your own twist. Here are a few suggestions from the comments.

  • Boursin Shortcut: A number of people love this. “…I take a short cut and add 1T. Boursin Garlic and Herb cheese, or their Shallot and Chive flavor. One of the few special cheeses I keep around for such sauces and purposes.”
  • Debra: I’ve got house guests coming next week, and I’m going to do this garnished with your roasted cherry tomatoes (I’m totally addicted to those!) and a little bed of baby spinach.
  • Under Swirl It!: Maia says: “My mom used to do this! Except it was herbed Philadelphia cream cheese and she would smear it on the plate before putting the hot eggs on top, instead of mixing it in. It would get so gooey and melty.”
  • Coriander: M @ V. Gourmet noted: “My best friend’s mom, who is Indian, used to make a similar dish with chives, green onions and freshly-ground toasted coriander seeds — it was sublime.”

Scrambled eggs made with cream cheese on a plate with sourdough toast

I hope you love these special scrambled eggs as much as we have over the years. It goes to show, one of the best ways to find great recipes is to chat about it with friends!

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