Mid-Air Nightmare: Passenger’s Video Captures The Terrifying Moment A Plane Door Blows Out

In a harrowing incident today, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX found itself in the grips of an emergency when one of its doors unexpectedly blew open just minutes after take-off. The severity of the situation became shockingly apparent as videos captured by passengers revealed the mid-cabin exit door completely separating from the aircraft mid-air. The unnerving event has raised concerns and prompted investigations into the circumstances surrounding the door failure, highlighting the critical importance of safety measures in air travel.

Alaska Airlines Flight AS1282, en route from Portland to Ontario, CA (California), faced an alarming incident this evening shortly after departure. The airline confirmed that the aircraft, carrying 171 passengers and six crew members, landed safely back at Portland International Airport.

In a statement on X, Alaska Airlines stated, “We are investigating what happened and will share more as it becomes available.” The incident has triggered a thorough examination to determine the nature and cause of the occurrence, emphasizing the airline’s commitment to safety and transparency.

According to real-time aircraft movement monitor Flightradar24, the aircraft reached a peak altitude of 16,325 feet before being safely diverted back to Portland. The Boeing 737 MAX engaged in today’s incident was handed over to Alaska Airlines on October 1, 2023, commencing commercial operations on November 11, 2023. As of now, the aircraft has completed only 145 flights, according to Flightradar24.

The 737-9 MAX is equipped with a rear cabin exit door situated aft of the wings, positioned before the rear exit door. This feature is typically activated in densely seated configurations to adhere to evacuation requirements. However, it’s noteworthy that on Alaska Airlines aircraft, including the one involved in the recent incident, these doors remain permanently “plugged” and are not activated, as per the report.

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