Multinet Up’s New AI-Enabled MultiTravel Solution Transforms Corporate Travel Management

Multinet Up announces the launch of, a cutting-edge website developed after scrutinising over 300 AI tools, to showcase its MultiTravel solution. This platform marks a significant advancement in managing corporate travel, offering intelligent solutions to users. is a fully AI-integrated platform that highlights the MultiTravel corporate travel solution by Multinet Up. It is designed to assist companies in efficiently managing accommodation requirements during business trips and offers an in-depth exploration of the benefits provided by MultiTravel.

This user-centric site, equipped with automated features and API integrations, is the product of over a thousand hours of analysis and the application of more than 300 AI tools by Multinet Up’s Marketing Team. The website provides easy-to-use features such as hotel bookings, budget management, and reporting, all part of the MultiTravel suite.

“MultiTravel allows companies to effortlessly arrange accommodation for business trips directly, bypassing any need for intermediaries or meetings. It provides benefits such as effective budget control, access to the best accommodation options, and the convenience of consolidated invoicing,” shared Ali Emre Sever, CEO at Multinet Up.

“At Multinet Up, our digital offering is provided via a website entirely crafted using end-to-end artificial intelligence, culminating in the creation of This website stands as a testament to our technological advancements. Through it, we aim to introduce MultiTravel to a wider audience, highlighting our solutions that streamline corporate travel planning,” he further elaborated.

Multinet Up, a significant player in the industry, boasts a wide reach with over 1.5 million card users, 60,000 merchants, and nearly 40,000 customers. The company offers various services, ranging from meal cards to corporate gift cards, enhancing the procurement experience for its business partners. Committed to innovation and meeting customer needs, Multinet Up continues to lead the way with projects like

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