OpenAI Boss Sam Atlman’s Most Used App Is Not What You Think: ‘I Wish It Was ChatGPT But…’

OpenAI’s chief, Sam Altman, sat down with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates for a fireside chat on all things AI on the 6th episode of his podcast Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates. The duo discussed the raging debate about humanity adapting to the rapidly evolving technology of AI and how it would affect jobs and productivity. ‘What application on the phone you use the most?’ Bill popped a question. The billionaire philanthropist was taken aback by Altman’s response. Unlike other co-founders and CEOs who use their in-house applications the most, Sam does not use that much of their most successful product yet, CharGPT! The Maverick uses Slack more than any other application. ‘I wish I could say ChatGPT’ he quipped. The old-schooler that he is, Bill Gates, revealed that he uses Outlook more often, and it’s not even on the app but rather on the browser. Sam chimed in and remarked that he didn’t quote factor in the browser, as he definitely uses it more often but

I’m on Slack all day!”

Slack has been the preferred mode of internal communications for major tech companies around the world, including 77 Fortune 100 companies. Per a report curated by Colorlib, The United States has the largest number of Slack users, at just over 1.9 lakh. It is followed by the United Kingdom, with 35k users. India ranks third on the list of the top 10 countries with the most slack users at 19,233 subscribers.

One of Slack’s largest competitors is Microsoft Teams. Wonder what Satya Nadella would make out of Sam Altman’s confession on the Bill Gates podcast. For the unversed, earlier in December, Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI by its former board over a quick Google Meet call. He was soon hired by Microsoft to lead unannounced AI projects. Even as Google Meets-Microsoft Teams joke flooded the interwebs, Sam’s colleagues revolted against the board’s decision, forcing their favorite CEO’s comeback. You can read more about it here and here. The man was soon named Time’s CEO of 2023.

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