Physical Release for Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains releases later this year

Developer Softstar Entertainment and Publisher Serenity Forge have revealed that Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains will be receiving a physical retail release for Nintendo Switch, targetting Q4 of this year. The release will come as either a $39.99 standard release bundled with a clipboard standee of the main characters Septem and Nicole, as well as an art card containing a download code for the digital soundtrack – or a $79.99 Collector’s Edition with everything above, in addition to a wall scroll, a resin Tea Pet statue, a physical soundtrack CD and a collector’s box.

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Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains released for Nintendo Switch and PC last year. Nintendo Switch players who’ve been waiting for a physical release before picking it up will finally have the chance to do so when the game becomes available through Serenity Forge’s online store and Video Games Plus later this year.

Boulder, Colo. (Jan. 16, 2024) – Indie retail gurus Serenity Forge (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!) and spell-casting developers at Softstar Entertainment today announced that the award-winning Chinese RPG series Xuan Yuan Sword will be coming to North American retail shelves in Q4 of this year with Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains for Nintendo Switch with two high-quality editions, a Physical Edition and a Collector’s Edition which will both feature unique collectibles. Both the Physical and Collector’s Editions are available to pre-order now from the Serenity Forge online store and Video Games Plus stores in Canada and the US. Please note that the Collector’s Edition will only be available through these platforms. The two editions will come to Europe at a later date.

Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains, one of the Twin Swords of Softstar, is a classic turn-based RPG with hand-painted 2D sprites where the powers of the Eastern and Western worlds must unite to challenge the dark lord who tears at the seams of civilization. Take the role of Septem, a heroic knight, and lead your party to victory by capturing your enemies to strategically fuse them into new items and monsters for future battles. Set off on a journey spanning Eurasia, Arabia, Francia and China in pursuit of the Invincible Arts of War.

The Physical Edition of Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains ($39.99) features:

Chipboard Standee (Featuring adorable versions of Septem and Nicole, perfect to display next to your video game collection)
Soundtrack Download Card (Featuring stunningly drawn art of Nicole)

Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains’ Collector’s Edition ($79.99) features all of the above extras plus:

Wall Scroll (Featuring Septem and Nicole in a classic handpainted style)
Original Soundtrack CD (Packaged in a colorful jewel case)
Traditional Resin Tea Pet (An adorable kitten clad in gold perfect for any tea-related occasion)
Gorgeous Collector’s Box

Stay in the loop on all things Serenity Forge by visiting the team’s website and Twitter page. 

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