Planting Seeds of Change: Nova Maldives Sets Out to Plant 75 Coconut Trees for World Environment Day to Revitalise Island Ecosystem

Nova Maldives is proud to announce its participation in World Environment Day with holistic initiatives to support this year’s theme, #GenerationRestoration. Recognising that ‘land is life’ and that healthy ecosystems are essential to sustaining island communities and inhabitants, the island resort will donate 75 coconut trees to the local island Dhangethi, with an informative presentation delivered to school pupils and parents on the island by their marine biologist to complement the reforestation efforts.

The donation of coconut trees is part of Nova Maldives’ ongoing commitment to be a business that gives back to the local community. The coconut palm is a native botanical uniquely suited to the island’s tropical climate. Planting them not only helps maintain the island’s natural beauty, but also promotes ecological balance through the restoration of vegetation, which provides habitats for local wildlife. The roots of the trees also possess a remarkable ability to anchor the soil, shielding it from the erosive forces of wind and water during the Maldives’ monsoon season, and bolstering its overall resilience against the impacts of extreme weather.

Additionally, Nova’s resident Marine Biologist will give a presentation on the marine environment of the South Ari Atoll and critical conservation efforts underway, to imbue the next generation with a greater understanding and appreciation of their vibrant marine surroundings. By engaging with the community and sharing knowledge about marine conservation, Nova hopes to foster a sense of connection and collective responsibility towards environmental conservation, and equip aspiring young people with means to safeguard precious natural assets on their home island.

“World Environment Day is an important occasion for us to reflect on our relationship with nature and the steps we can take to protect it,” said Abdulla Aboobakuru, General Manager of Nova Maldives. “Through these activities, we aim to create soulful experiences that highlight our inextricable connection to the natural world, and cultivate a sense of stewardship within our community.”

These initiatives come in addition to a number of others undertaken by Nova to contribute to the concept of sustainable tourism, including Nova’s well-loved coral nursery scheme that encourages travellers to sponsor the plantation of new coral frames in Nova’s house reefs. Nova also leverages its relationship with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme, to keep guests updated on their latest conservation research. Committed to lessening the impact of any tourism activities, Nova also attained status as a Responsible Manta Tour Operator, for adhering strictly to industry guidelines and protocols for any diving and snorkelling excursions.

Nestled in the South Ari Atoll, Nova Maldives curates private, eco-conscious retreats for guests to reconnect with themselves, others, and nature in a soft-luxury setting. Experience union with the ocean and harmonious coexistence with whale sharks and manta rays in this enchanting oasis.

Villas available from £289/night on full board basis when booking directly with Nova, special offers are available for the summer.

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