Post-apocalyptic sci-fi action RPG AI Limit set to release in 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC

Publisher CE-Asia and developer Sense Games have announced that action RPG AI Limit will launch in 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam).

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Originally announced in March 2019 as part of the PlayStation’s China Hero Project initiative, AI Limit is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action RPG. You play as Arrisa, an immortal Blader who explored a ruined city to “find the hope of a new life”. While the title was originally announced for PlayStation 4, is it now set for PlayStation 5 and PC. 

A new trailer, press release, description, and screenshots can be found below. Note that while an English-voiced trailer is available, the game’s Steam page indicates that AI Limit will contain Japanese and Chinese voices only.

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Press Release

Published by CE-Asia and developed by Sense Games, the game is set in the distant future, long after the fall of civilization. The world is now infested with a mysterious substance known as the Mud, with monsters roaming the land and survivors struggling to endure. The player takes on the role of Arrisa, a powerful entity called Blader, equipped with incredible regeneration ability. In her quest, she will explore the ruins of ancient cities teeming with enemies, aiming to unveil the truth behind the apocalypse and sow the seeds of hope for a new world.

Facing a myriad of mighty foes and vicious monsters, Arrisa went through countless deaths and rebirths. She is good at finding opportunities in the onslaught and gives it her all to turn the tide. After a near-impossible battle, she will continue her journey on the wasteland as if it were just another day.

Arrisa wields a wide variety of weapons, allowing her to execute flashy combos by utilizing each weapon’s unique moves and sets, aiming to seize the initiative in battle.

Moreover, the weapon skills system gives Arrisa more attack choices. Her left-hand mechanism can use dozens of spells to enrich her fighting style.

In addition to its intense fighting and action elements, the world of AI Limit offers a rich environment to explore. Bizarre and magnificent city ruins hide various weapons and clothes, guarded either by powerful monsters or tucked away in deep alleys. These items not only boast incredible power but also enhance Arrisa’s unique appearance.

The history of Havenswell is also worth discovering. Using Blader’s ability, Arrisa can extract information from old-world artifacts scattered throughout the city. Players can uncover a lot of knowledge while exploring.

The AI Limit Steam page has been launched, with a scheduled release in 2024. As part of the Sony PlayStation China Hero Project, the game will also be available on PlayStation 5. If you’re interested in AI Limit, please consider adding it to your Steam Wishlist. Stay tuned for more information in the future.

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Store Description

Explore the unknown apocalyptic world

After the sudden yet mysterious collapse of the artificial ecosystem, natural disasters and wars ensued, the civilization was wiped out. And in the centuries that followed, a strange substance known as the Mud spread everywhere, and monsters emerged.
You will step into the last city of mankind – Havenswell, exploring cold and damp sewers, layers of slums, sky city above the lake, etc., seeking the truth about the destruction of civilization in monster-infested ruins. Travel through wonders, face mysterious and deadly enemies, and put an end to an eerie and desperate history.

A journey with a mysterious mission

Blader has the appearance of human, but it is actually a new life form created by mysterious technology. With their own missions, they embark on a lonely and dangerous journey, and with the power of the Branches, they respawn after fatal death.
Now that the Branches have been destroyed, you, as one of the Bladers, will have to search for and repair the Branches all over the city. You will meet humans and fellow Bladers who are also in dire straits, feel their joys and sorrows, as well as their faith in despair, and together uncover the truth behind the plagues and disasters.

Facing an overwhelming and mysterious enemy head-on

Warriors who lose themselves and degenerate into crazy beasts;
A killing machine who walks the skies covered in razor-sharp blades;
The colossal beasts trampling on the earth, ravaging cities with collisions and explosions
You will need to challenge the powerful beasts from multiple forces in death and rebirth over and over again, catching the breaks from the fierce attacks and going all out to win and continue the journey to the end of the world.

Experience diverse and exhilarating action battles

  • Wide variety and number of weapons.
  • Mix and match your weapons and weapon skills.
  • Increase Sync Rate with brave attack and wise defense, become even mightier in battle.
  • The transformation mechanism in your left hand can drive dozens of spells, attack or assist at will.
  • Utilize multiple systems to achieve a rich combination of moves, and seize the opportunity in the ever-changing exchange of attack and defense.

Explore the city’s ruins for powerful weapons, clothing and relics of old civilizations

Delve deep into the eerie and magnificent ruins of the city and discover weapons and clothing of different styles and capabilities – either overrun by powerful monsters or hidden in the depths of the intricate alleyways. In addition to their combat attributes, the weapons and clothing offer unique cosmetic variations, so go into battle with a one-of-a-kind look!
In addition, you can find relics of old civilizations scattered throughout the area as you explore. Utilize your Blader’s ability to read the memories left on them, and get a glimpse of the history of Havenswel!

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