Reddit User Issues Warning After iPhone 15 Pro Max Charger Melts Resulting Phone Damage And Finger Burns

In a stark reminder of the perils associated with non-licensed accessories, a Reddit user under the handle NoisilyMarvellous recently shared a harrowing experience involving his iPhone 15 Pro Max. Despite Apple’s consistent warnings about the potential risks of using unauthorized accessories, a considerable number of users tend to dismiss these cautions, often attributing them to the company’s profit-driven motives.

NoisilyMarvellous, initially sceptical of Apple’s motives, experienced firsthand the dangers of opting for a cheap accessory. In a detailed post, he recounted how connecting his recently purchased iPhone 15 Pro Max to a charger resulted in a cable meltdown, causing significant damage to both his hand and the phone itself.

Charging cable got so hot it MELTED the plastic, broke into my phone and burned my finger. What can I do?
byu/NoisilyMarvellous iniphone

The critical revelation from the shared incident was the use of a non-Apple charging cable, as visibly noted in the accompanying images. This firsthand account serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the tangible risks associated with disregarding Apple’s counsel on using licensed accessories. The incident underscores the importance of prioritizing safety over cost savings, as poor-quality accessories can pose serious threats, including device damage and personal injury.

Here’s how you can stay safe

Choose Licensed Accessories

Opt for accessories that bear the official Apple certification. Licensed products undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions and hazards.

Avoid Cheap Alternatives

While cost savings may be tempting, using non-certified and cheap accessories can lead to serious consequences. Invest in quality accessories from reputable manufacturers to minimize the risk of device damage or personal injury.

Check for Certification Labels

Genuine Apple accessories carry specific certification labels. Before purchasing, ensure the product has the official certification mark, indicating it meets Apple’s safety and performance standards.

Inspect Cables Regularly

Periodically examine your charging cables for any signs of wear, fraying, or damage. If you notice any issues, replace the cable immediately to prevent potential hazards.

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