Spotify to refund Car Thing purchases — how to get yours

When Spotify announced it intended to kill off the Car Thing — its smart music player for your vehicle launched in 2021 — there was a major concern: Could you get a refund on your unit? After all, if the company is bricking its own product, shouldn’t you get money back for a soon-to-be-useless piece of hardware?

Well, in short, yes, you can get a refund, and the company has started that process. The company’s FAQ page for the Car Thing’s discontinuation notes: “Individuals seeking a refund can contact customer support with proof of purchase to discuss their options.”

At first, headlines suggested there would be no refunds — a controversial move — but the company has now suggested otherwise. Engadget reported, citing the company, that customers with proof of purchase started handing out refunds at the end of last week. Inverse editor Ray Wong wrote on X that he received a refund in the form of credits applied to his Spotify subscription.

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Folks were not happy when Spotify said it would kill off all Car Things on Dec. 9. In fact, Billboard reported some customers banded together for a class-action lawsuit, seemingly in an effort to get refunded. And now, here we are.

So, if you want a refund, you’ll have to contact customer support with proof of purchase. Something like an emailed invoice or receipt will do. The Car Thing may be dead, but your money isn’t gone forever — though you may get it back in the form of a credit.


Spotify just made all remaining Car Things unusable

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