Unicorn Overlord rolls out initial wave of Class Types, Leaders, Promotions, and more Allies & Enemies

Atlus and Vanillaware unveil more new information for Unicorn Overlord, their upcoming tactical RPG. Several more Allies make their debut for the first time, along with a pair of new antagonists. Plus, they’ve shared a closer look at a few generic class types that players can recruit into their army.

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The developers have revealed that Unicorn Overlord will have over 60 classes in the game. Housecarls and Gladiators were among the few that were revealed to bolster the frontline, while the Arbalist and Hunter can safely launch attacks from afar. Mounted aerial units, such as the Wyvern Knight and Gryphon Knight, join the fray too. Some of the more unique class types revealed were the Werewolf, Elven Fencer, and the winged Featherbow & Feathersword angel units.

Leaders of a squad will have different effects determined by the leader’s class; Housecarl leaders, for instance, can destroy barricades.

Players will have to be wary about the three types of movements for their squads – Infantry, Cavalry, and Flying. Infantry and Cavalry excel at traveling through roads. While Cavalry will edge out Infantry on overall speed on roads, forest terrain will hinder them; the Flying movement type, as you can imagine, can travel over terrain that might negatively affect grounded movement.

Honors can be consumed to promote classes into advanced classes; one example of this is Alain’s exclusive Lord class advancing into the High Lord which graints him a trusty steed to mitigate the Lord’s initial weakness against cavalry units.

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Unicorn Overlord launches on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024 worldwide simultaneously.

Learn more about Unicorn Overlord below along with many new screenshots down below.

New Allies


“You are not to drop your guards at any moment.”

A dark elf augur who resides in Elheim. Aide to her elder sister Eltolinde. She escaped the fall of the capital and is gathering forces for a counterattack.


“I will aid you however I’m able.”

Rosalinde’s twin sister and the Turenós of Elheim. Unable to resist Zenoira’s onslaught, she surrendered and chose to lead from within captivity.


“Don’t give up hope just yet. Steel your resolve and strike true!”

A swordsman and knight in service of Elheim. He was away on a mission when the capital fell to Zenoira. He has led a guerilla force ever since.

Unicorn Overlord – New Allies

New Enemies


“But don’t worry, Alain. We’ll meet again soon enough.”

A witch loyal to the Zenoiran Army. Formerly the court sorceress of Cornia, she now serves Galerius and appears to be assisting him with some sort of dark scheme.


“You’ll serve as the main course in a banquet of flesh and blood.”

A wizened wizard who serves Galerius. Versed in all manner of dark spells and curses. His face remains obscured behind his hood, and none have seen the visage beneath.

Unicorn Overlord – New Enemies

Combatant Types (Classes)

Each character has a set class that determines their combat affinities, as well as what weapons and skills they’re able to use. Making use of each class’s traits will help you gain an edge in the battles to come.

Introducing some of the over 60 class types:


Boasts excellent physickal attack. Can lower enemy physickal defense.

Can strike foes with a follow up attack at the end of a battle.


Boasts physickal attack skills to hit an entire enemy row.

Capable of self-healing.


Proficient both at attacking with a flurry of crossbow bolts and…

… providing support from the back row.


Specialized in supporting allies with healing magick…

… through a variety of recovery skills.

Wyvern Knight

An aerial unit capable of inflicting heavy damage on enemy infantry and cavalry.

Vulnerable against ranged and caster attacks.


Specialized in skills which weaken their foes by obstructing their actions…

… and reducing their abilities.

Elven Fencer

Uses magick melee attacks to strike at their enemies with superlative finesse.

Capable of creating barriers to protect allies from attacks.


Excels at finishing off weakened enemies.

Also possesses a special skill that improves their performance at night.


An archer capable of debuffing foes and supporting allies.

Possesses a high evasion rate, but susceptible to arrow fire.

Class Comptability

Enter battle after considering the compatibility of each class, including their unique strengths and weaknesses.

For example: Flying vs. Archer Classes – Archers are strong against flying units.

Gryphon Knight

Flying unit with excellent evasion and magick defense.

Ineffective v. foes with anti-flying skills such as archers.


Flying unit with excellent evasion and magick defense.

Ineffective v. foes with anti-flying skills such as archers.



Boasts excellent accuracy.

Effective v. flying foes such as Gryphon Knights thanks to its special attack allowing it to hit foes with high evasion.

Gryphon Knights and winged units like Featherswords fall under the flying class type. Their excellent evasion allows them to halve the accuracy of incoming attacks from ground units. On the other hand, Archer units perform double damage against them.


Every unit has a character set as its leader. The leader’s class determines the unit’s movement type and leader effect.

Leader Effect

The character set as leader will apply their “Leader Effect” to the unit.

For example, a unit led by the Housecarl class can use its leader effect to quickly destroy obstacles like barricades.

There are various other leader effects, so be sure to reference them when organizing your units.

Movement Type

There are 3 categories of Movement Type. The standard Infantry type, the highly mobile Cavalry type, and the Flying type capable of soaring over difficult terrain.

Movement speed of Infantry and Cavalry increase increases while traveling on roads, while Cavalry’s mobility decrease in forests.

It is important to consider movement type when assigning the leader of each unit.


In order to fight against the Zenoiran Empire led by Galerius, it is essential to strengthen and develop the military strength of your troops (units). Develop your army by using Promotions and Auxiliary Stages.

Spend honors to promote a character to their advanced class. Doing so will boost their stats and allow them to learn new skills.

Promotion Example

Lord: Alain specific Class. Formidable combatant and staunch defender. Special skill lets him heal while attacking. Can fight equally well in either row. Lacks any major weakness, but may have trouble against cavalry.

Promotes into

High Lord: Advanced version of Alain’s Lord class. Brings powerful attacks to bear from atop his regal steed. Can boost his allies’ initiative to bring battles to a swift end. As a cavalry class, he is effective against infantry.

Advancing to High Lord allows you to cover open ground more quickly.

Auxiliary Stages

Challenge Auxiliary Stages to battle the phantom soldiers lingering within.

You can do this as many times as you like, …

… earning EXP along the way.

Special Items

Special items called Treatises grant EXP.

These can be earned from Auxiliary stages and other locations.

Other items can boost specific abilities and further develop your troops.

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