X plans town hall with Trump as Elon Musk gets cozy with the former president

X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has been buzzing over the past 24 hours with reactions to former president Donald Trump’s 34 felony convictions.

Trump himself has not posted on the social media platform much in recent years. Although X owner Elon Musk unsuspended Trump’s account shortly after acquiring the platform in late 2022, Trump has posted only once to launch a fundraiser that capitalized on his publicly released mugshot (which was related to an entirely different set of charges than the ones he was just convicted of.)

However, Musk and company seem to have plans to get him back on X.

A X-hosted Donald Trump town hall

X, in partnership with the TV network NewsNation, is reportedly planning a series of town hall events titled “The People’s Town Hall” with the major presidential candidates running in the 2024 election. According to Axios, the events are part of a push from X CEO Linda Yaccarino to bring more video content to the social media platform.

While no dates or locations have been set, the current plan has X hosting a town hall with Donald Trump and independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

“This will be interesting,” Musk said on X in response to an article regarding X planning a town hall event with Trump.

President Joe Biden’s campaign has reportedly turned down the offer, according to the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ also reported that the original plan was to hold a debate before the town hall concept was settled on. 

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X users reportedly will be able to submit questions for the candidates, but moderators will have the final say on what is asked on-air.

Musk and Trump’s budding friendship?

X’s plans to host a town hall with Trump would not be the first time Musk and the former president have connected recently.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Musk and Trump have recently been “developing a friendly rapport,” with the two talking on the phone multiple times each month.

Musk has regularly taken to X to share right-wing talking points and conspiracy theories in recent years. He has frequently criticized President Biden and made it clear he was not voting for the incumbent in November.​​ However, Musk has not yet endorsed any candidate in the election.

But, perhaps that may soon change. 

According to the report, Trump has discussed giving Musk an advisory role if he was to win the election. These discussions have even talked about specific policy areas, including immigration and the economy, which Musk would be in a position to influence. Musk has also brought up his intention to fund a data project focused on mitigating voter fraud in his conversations with Trump.

So far, nothing concrete has been announced from Musk or Trump. But, don’t be surprised to see the two working together some time soon – even if it is just a town hall event on X.

UPDATE: May. 31, 2024, 1:43 p.m. EDT This article was updated to include public comment from Musk on his X account.

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