Zenless Zone Zero launches on July 4 for PlayStation 5, mobile devices, and PC

Hoyoverse has announced that Zenless Zone Zero will launch globally on July 4 for PlayStation 5, mobile devices, and PC. Pre-registration is available at the official website.

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Today’s announcement can be found below, via Hoyoverse.

Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse announced today that Zenless Zone Zero, its much-awaited urban fantasy ARPG, launches globally on July 4th at 10:00 am (UTC+8) simultaneously on PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android. As the game celebrates its 35 million global pre-registration milestone and closes in on its ultimate goal of 40 million pre-registrations, it has also confirmed it will allow cross-progression and cross-play upon release, ensuring a synchronized gaming experience for all players across multiple platforms.

Zenless Zone Zero is a brand-new urban fantasy ARPG by HoYoverse. Catering to both players new to the action genre and veterans alike, the game distinguishes itself with a dynamic and thrilling combat system that strikes a balance between accessibility and complexity. In addition, Zenless Zone Zero stands out with its vivid narrative storytelling, unique art and music design, as well as its immersive experience of urban life.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where supernatural disasters called “Hollows” have destroyed modern society. However, New Eridu, the last remaining city, has risen against the odds during this devastating catastrophe and has become the last remnant of contemporary civilization. In the story, players assume the role of a “Proxy” who guides adventurers in the unpredictable Hollows. Together with unique characters encountered along the way, players will explore Hollows, face enemies, complete commissions, and unravel the mysteries behind New Eridu.

As the global release date approaches, its final closed beta, also known as the Amplifying Test, concludes today at 11:59 pm (UTC+8). Current global pre-registrations for Zenless Zone Zero have reached 35 million players, and it continues to close in on its target of 40 million sign-ups. Players can still pre-register via the PlayStation Store, Google Play, App Store, and Epic Games Store. Players around the world will receive abundant in-game rewards after the game comes online on July 4th, including up to 20 Master Tapes, which can be used to obtain rare characters, the playable Agent Corin, 30,000 Dennies, and Boopons, an in-game item used to obtain rare Bangboo.

For more information and updates regarding the global launch, please stay tuned by visiting the official website at https://zenless.hoyoverse.com/ or follow @ZZZ_EN on X (Formerly Twitter).

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